TCSO and Berryhill Schools begin the first “Handle With Care” program in Northeast Oklahoma

On February 27th, the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office began a partnership to help potentially traumatized students within the Berryhill School District.

As of February 27th, when a Deputy responds to a call in the Berryhill area where children are present who may be affected by what has occurred, the Deputy will send a “Handle With Care” email notification to the school district. The district will then notify the child’s teacher. A “Handle With Care” notification will allow the teacher to be aware that child may need some additional patience, understanding and potentially even counseling services to cope with what has occurred. In order to protect the privacy of the child and his or her family, NO DETAILS OF THE CHILD’S EXPERIENCE ARE RELAYED TO THE DISTRICT through the “Handle with Care” notification.

TCSO is the third law enforcement agency in Oklahoma to begin a “Handle with Care” program and the first in Northeast Oklahoma. Healthy Minds Policy Initiative has been an integral partner in connecting, informing, and assisting in implementing the Handle with Care program. TCSO’s goal is to see this program expand to other Tulsa County schools, so more children can be helped.

Unclaimed Items: Our Property Room is Overflowing

Hundreds miscellaneous items are taking up valuable space in TCSO’s property room. Most of the items are bags that went unclaimed when the owners were released from the jail. The TCSO Property Room is open Monday thru Friday between 8:00am and 5:00pm. To get in touch with the property room to claim your items call 918-596-5655 or email at or check out our Facebook Page.

Voting Day.

Today is voting day for elections across our state. We encourage everyone to get out and take advantage of your right to vote.   We would also like to remind everyone of an important rule regarding campaign signs.   It is against Oklahoma state law to place campaign signs closer that 300 feet from the ballot  machines. Therefore Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office will be responding to calls from poling places to remedy this issue.  Deputies will respond and check the location of the signs with an app and if signs are too close they will be removed and taken to the Sheriff’s Office.  The candidate can come to the Sheriff’s Office and retrieve their signs.



Tulsa State Fair Safety Tips



It’s easy for children to get separated from their families on the busy midway. In 2017 TCSO reunited 133 kids with their families. Before you head to the fair, teach your child your full cell phone number, including area code.

Take a picture of each of your children with your cell phone before entering the fair. This will give you a current photo of them and what they are wearing. Tell your child that if they get lost, to look for a deputy to help them.

TCSO offers free wrists bands for children. Parents write their cell phone numbers on the bands, so that if their child gets lost, deputies can quickly reunite them with their families. You can get wristbands at TCSO’s Command Post on the east end of Expo Square, as well as our on the upper level of Expo Square.

If your child becomes lost, you don’t have to search for them alone. Alert a Deputy patrolling the midway or go to the “lost child” center on the west end of the Midway, near the kiddie rides.


When you park, be sure your vehicle is locked and no valuables are visible through the windows.


The midway can be crowded. In case of a medical or law enforcement emergency, please stand back and give first responders room to do their jobs.


Under 21 O.S § 1290 D.3, concealed and non-concealed firearms are not permitted at the Tulsa State Fair.

July 4th Holiday Weekend Safety

July 4th Holiday Weekend Safety

Independence Day brings fun, festivities and travel for people across Tulsa County. The Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind citizens to travel safely, and practice good safety techniques when enjoying fireworks during celebration.

This is a time for people to get together, relax, and enjoy time with family and friends during our nation’s holiday. Please remember to always adhere to the law when dealing with pyrotechnics.  It’s a good idea to have a bucket of water, fire extinguisher and water hose nearby when shooting off fireworks.  Deputies from the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office will be on Patrol to assist motorists and citizens throughout the holiday weekend.

Sheriff Vic Regalado and his staff want to wish everyone a safe and happy 4th of July Celebration!

Family Fun Event.

The Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office would like to invite you and your family out to join us and our co-sponsors for the 1st Annual Jake Conserve, Hunt, and Share event.  This event will be fun for both parents and children.   This is a great opportunity to get outdoors and introduce your children to some fun and exciting outdoor activities.

20th Anniversary of Dena Dean Murder

This Wednesday, June 6th marks the 20th the anniversary of the unsolved murder of 16 year old Dena Dean. The Dean Family will commemorate the anniversary by holding a vigil to remember their daughter and pray for justice. Members of TCSO’s Cold Case Task Force will be there to staff our Command Post and speak with anyone who wants to stop by and offer potential leads on the case.

This year’s memorial will be June 6th at Family Fellowship Church: 6105 W. 63rd St, Berryhill. The Dean Family, Task Force Members and Sheriff Regalado will be available for media interviews from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm.

In the two years since TCSO’s Cold Case Task Force was formed, volunteers have spent countless hours investigating the Dean murder. New witnesses have been interviewed and multiple search warrants have been served. These efforts have moved the Task Force closer their goal of seeking criminal charges against Dena’s killer(s).

In addition to the Dean murder, the Task force is investigating 29 additional TCSO Cold Cases. Four of those cases are currently very active. Tipsters can leave messages regarding any of these cases by calling the Task Force Office: 918-596-5723.

For more information about TCSO’s Cold Cases:


2nd Annual Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office Gala.

On Saturday April 28, 2018 Sheriff Regalado and his Staff got to thank a few of the men and women who go above and beyond to serve this Office and citizens of Tulsa County. Congratulations to everyone who was honored during the 2018 Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office Awards Gala.


Crime Victims’ Rights & Resources Awareness Event

The Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office was honored to participate, April 11, in the  Crime Victims’ Rights & Resources Awareness Event. Tulsa County is fortunate to have so many agencies and organizations to assist victims of crime. If you or someone you know is a victim of crime, reach out to local law enforcement or one of the other many great partner organizations for help.

Thank You Dispatchers!

In honor of National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week, we want to thank our dispatchers. We appreciate the critical, life saving service you provide for us and the citizens of Tulsa County.